Doesn’t everybody do that? Efficiency where you least expect it

I was talking with a colleague where part of her job involves counting larger quantities of small things (computer parts, solder ends, cables, etc.) We were talking about how she was able to maintain high productivity numbers where some of her counterparts (pun intended) struggled.

“When all the parts are on the table, I just take three in one hand and two in another. That way I know I have five. 5-10-15-20… etc”

Wow! I had never thought of counting like that. Most of us count 2-4-6-8.. with one hand, but to use both hands and count by fives? Genius! The company should take that tip and train their auditors how to do it. That alone would increase productivity by leaps and bounds.

Anyway, I learned a productivity tip that had escaped me for decades whereas she saw this as commonplace. “Doesn’t everybody do that?” she asked?


No, they don’t.