Why are you here?

There is this trend going on in the social media world that almost every new industry goes through. The “fun” part of getting in there and connecting and talking and chatting is over and the Social Media Elites are finding out they don’t have time to do all this stuff any more. Some whine and complain, but some are doling out advice on how to slim down, get to the basics of what you do, make to do lists, get naked, stick to the knitting, don’t get sidetracked by the chatter.

I think that may be the wrong way to look at things.

I had a conversation a while back with the smartest PR person I know. She cut to the chase by asking, “What do you want to do?”

“I want to spend the entire day sitting in a beanbag chair, eating Cheetos and chatting with people about nothing in particular,” I said. I was speaking metaphorically, obviously, because that much sitting around and that many Cheetos does not make for a very long life. The point being is that I want to build a company, not a busier, more efficient job for myself.

I don’t view long telephone calls with friends and colleagues or twitter chatting or blogging a “time suck” on my day. When someone calls and wants to do lunch to “pick my brain,” I don’t see that as stealing from me because I don’t sell my time. Chatting, tweeting, blogging, lunching, talking on panels, attending conferences are all my really big bean bag chair and the conversations are my Cheetos.

I spend time building a great staff who can run this place without me. Really, they can. All they need me to do is bring in one or two great ideas a year and they tear at it like rabid dogs and in the end they build software, systems and marketing that allows me to stay in my beanbag chair.

And I am happy and I am having a lot of fun. I suppose to the outside world, I am somewhat rudderless and lazy. I don’t much care about them. Who really matter are the people who have a great client list because somewhere in a conversation, I said, “You know who you should work with?” I’m sure they are saying the same about me to the people they meet.

And I have no charts, no ROI studies, no metrics, no twitter lists. Just ten fingers with Cheetos dust all over them.

Am I getting this whole thing wrong?