I know how and why Facebook will die

I’m not alone in predicting the death of Facebook. Everything dies, so that part is easy. Today, I’ve been given a glimpse as to how.

I needed to look up the URL of a blog a colleague writes and didn’t have the address handy. “No problem,” I thought, “we’re Facebook friends. I’ll just go look it up on her profile.” I clicked to her profile and scanned the page… wall posts, photos, events, comments… where was her info stuff???

I finally found the tiny link that was moved over under her profile photo, down a few, almost to the “See all…” link. I clicked on that. Nothing. Well, not nothing.. I had to scroll down passed all the “likes” and stuff to where her contact information was finally listed at the bottom.

Facebook is becoming a Truman Show for us. With each passing update, it is hiding the doors to the outside world under a fa├žade of a painted blue sky. Slowly and slowly, Facebook is building a dome around us all.

Some of us don’t mind being fed the illusion that our universe is whatever Facebook decides it is. But human beings are curious; too curious to not ask questions about what lies beyond.

I’m getting the sailboat ready. You on board?