Why AP style matters everywhere

A few days ago, one of my twitter followers, who is an engineer, asked if writing in AP style or having an APStylebook matters in engineering. I responded with a whole-hearted and emphatic “YES! AP style matters regardless of your industry.”

Here’s why.

Everything is media-ready
We live in a 24/7/365 media world. When you write in AP style, all your reports, product descriptions, blog posts, field notes, etc., can be quickly repurposed into a media-ready, editorial-friendly press release or quote. When your press releases are the first to market and the easiest for reporters to use, you will become the go-to expert source for your industry whenever any news breaks. Reporters will trust your releases more because they are organized like a news story, not sales-y and gets to the point quickly. And they really appreciate not having any typos.

Think like a reporter
It is the job of a reporter to tell a story quickly and clearly. When you practice writing in AP style, you sharpen your ability to tell your industry story in terms others can quickly understand. Your product descriptions, process explanations and field notes become clearer and more organized, making them more valuable for your company. You will also begin to see almost everything as an interesting story to be told instead of just “normal stuff we do every day.”

Your writing becomes more consistent
Few things are as frustrating or confusing as inconsistent writing that describes the same process or story. Same location as that? Is that the same person doing that thing you were describing before? When you write in AP style, you hone your writing discipline by adhering to the rules when they exist.

There you have it. Three good reasons why you should write in AP style, regardless of the industry you are in.