I’m really scared to upgrade software

I used to to be the first kid on the block to upgrade to a new OS or the latest version of Adobe Photoshop or QuarkXpress. The new-found power of really cool features used to get me excited about possibilities of greatness.

Now, not so much.

I’m getting really scared of upgrading software these days. It’s not because there are some new features I’ll have to learn or the online world is getting more and more complicated. I get all that and my ability to learn and adapt is what keeps me valuable and relevant in the space. I am motivated to stay on the bleeding edge of technology where others fear to tread.

What scares me more is not being able to see the icons and the interface. There is a new trend of gray on gray on gray for icons, fonts and menus where there appears to be a competition among designers to see who can have the least amount of contrast between the icon, the font and the background.

Stop this!

Not only is it really, really bad design but it affects my livelihood in a very real way. While your software designers may strive to be cool and hip, out here in the real world, we need to be fast and profitable. If the interface for your software gets in the way of that, we will push back — by NOT upgrading.

If my eyes hurt after using your software after a few minutes, it’s you, not me.