Cluttered Tackboard

Cutting through the clutter

Cluttered Tackboard

This is a tack board that was at the local coffee shop I went to last night. You’ve seen these everywhere, nothing special, no one card stands out from the next, almost all of them are clip-art logos, too many words on the flyer, etc. My favorite is the gray one in the middle for Pig of the Month. At first I thought it was a design firm, but it really is a BBQ place.

Talk about disconnect.

I don’t know how effective these things are — other than to entertain me as my party is finishing up using the restroom and giving me content for a blog post — but it occurs to me this is how most people are using social media channels. They are throwing their badly-crafted message out to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and a thousand other places hoping to catch the eyeballs of someone desperately looking to be entertained.

But it must work because a lot of people do it. Right?