Leadership thoughts

I believe leadership has three primary guidelines. Calling them “rules” makes them feel too inflexible. 

  1. Learn how to be a good lieutenant.
  2. Change happens. Don’t hold anyone back from being who they are because you are comfortable with who they’ve been. 
  3. Life is about paying it forward. Always. 

I believe anyone can be a leader and that it is a choice. To many, leadership looks a lot like the guy who rides astride the lead horse, with his sword outstretched in front of him, yelling, “follow me, boys!”

But a true leader learns the three basic guidelines above and sticks to then, even as they bring heartache, disappointment and sometimes resentment. Paying it forward and supporting the dreams of others means it may not pay out for you, but the reward always has to be the satisfaction of generosity. The bonus is the “pay out” if it happens. 

The arc of fulfillment is very wide and sometimes it is hard to see how your actions today will rest on the other side.