Making a Comment

I have comments turned off by default, not because I don’t care about what you think, but because I want you to think harder about what I’ve said before commenting. If you have enough to say, if you feel strongly about agreeing or disagreeing with me, you will write a blog post of your own and link back to me.

When I read comments on other blogs, they usually fall into three distinct categories.

  • I didn’t really read your post, but it has some keywords I care about and I’m just going to go on and on about me. Ok, then blog on your own space.
  • I agree with you! Great, that makes one of us unnecessary and it probably isn’t me.
  • I disagree with you and here is my long diatribe on why you are wrong. Ok, then write your own blog post and link back to me.

Any of this really doesn’t further the conversation. The best comments are comments readers have about other comments. That is a conversation. Since that rarely happens, comments are an unnecessary maintenance item I’d rather not make time for.

Not allowing comments also sidesteps that whole comment moderation policy thing. I don’t hurt your feelings if I edit your comment or not approve your comment. Again, write your own opinion on your own blog and link back.

Is your opinion not enough for a blog post?
Then use Twitter. Be sure to shorten the URL of the post so other folks following me know what you are referring to.

Not accepting comments is so Web 1.0
Ok. Your opinion. If you feel strongly about it, blog on your own space about my unwilling to allow you to comment. Then link back to this page. Fair warning, it’s been done to death by almost everyone else, so your thoughts would be far from original and a waste of time. Go change the world in ways other people aren’t instead.

Fine. You really want to comment
*Sigh* Please re-read this page.