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What does your job title say about you?

I am unofficially advising on designing some identity stuff for a New York restaurant that will be opening next month and was doing up a business card mock-up with their new logo.

“What is the title?” I asked.

“Owner/General Manager,” came the reply.

I paused to choose my next words carefully. Here is what I was thinking.

When I hear Owner/General Manager, I think this is the one partner in a group that has put in the least amount of cash, but also the most amount in percentage of his personal wealth. He may even have taken out a second mortgage on his home.

As a guest, I may be more willing to push him into giving me a discount or a free meal or something, knowing that he is driven more by fear of losing his investment than growing his business.

As a vendor, especially in creative services, I want to steer clear of him, knowing that he will try to beat me back on price at every step and try to micro-manage the process too much, driven by desperation and fear. Quality hardly matters as long as the price is cheap.

As a restauranteur, your title should be Owner OR General Manager, but not both. What your contract says is one thing. What you tell guests and vendors you are is a marketing choice.

What does your title say about you? Have you thought about this?